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logo.pngDivorce is one of the most complex areas of law in Colorado, because any legal issue that a family faces will be involved in the divorce.  Ammarell Deasy, LLP assists men and women in divorce matters, and understands that in addition to the emotional strain, the legal issues involved in a divorce may be extremely complex. The experienced Greenwood Village, Colorado divorce attorneys at Ammarell Deasy can assist with every aspect of divorce, including division of assets, division of debt, custody, child support, maintenance, and more. How your divorce is handled will significantly affect your life, and the lives of your children, for many years to come. You need an attorney who will fight for your rights, and the rights of your children, in order to be in the best possible position financially and emotionally after the divorce.

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Ammarell Deasy understands that your divorce may be the most stressful time that you have experienced, and that it is probably the most complex legal process in which you have ever been involved. Our team will work hard to make sure that you understand every step along the way and that you are as comfortable as possible with the proceedings. We will make sure that you understand the basic aspects of the process from the beginning, and that you know what is necessary to achieve your goals.  We hope this leads to a life after divorce that allows you and your family to move forward with your lives in the best way possible.

Child Custody

The most contentious aspect of many divorces revolves around child custody.  Understandably, almost every parent wants as much time as possible with their children after divorce.  It is vital to understand how child custody typically works in Colorado, and what your Centennial divorce lawyer needs to do to ensure a child custody arrangement that optimizes the emotional and physical health of your children.

Division of Assets and Debts

One of the primary concerns that many people have during a divorce is division of assets and assignment of debt. If marital assets have a high value, or if there are assets that have an emotional connection, agreeing on a fair and mutually beneficial division of assets can become extremely contentious in some divorces.  Likewise when there is substantial debt in your case.  The Greenwood Village divorce attorneys of Ammarell Deasy are experienced in helping to ensure that assets are divided in a way that is fair, and beneficial to our clients.  We also work hard to ensure that any debt from your marriage is divided equitably.

Alimony/Spousal Maintenance

What is known in many states as alimony or spousal support is called maintenance in Colorado.  There can be temporary maintenance orders, which typically end when the divorce is finalized, and permanent maintenance orders.  Whether you are seeking financial support from your spouse, or are working to arrange a fair settlement on how much support you will give your spouse after the divorce, it is important to speak with a Centennial divorce attorney who follows the trends of maintenance awards, and has the legal skill to fight for your rights.  Ammarell Deasy deals with maintenance issues on a daily basis and is ready to help you.

At Ammarell Deasy we are experienced practitioners in the areas of family law, personal injury, criminal defense, and mediation. We are committed to pursuing your case with respect, dignity, and diligence. We personalize every case and are dedicated to resolving your case and protecting your rights.

Undoubtedly, this is a difficult time in your life causing unnecessary stress and sadness. That is why we treat every client like a family member and pride ourselves in obtaining the best possible outcome. We will help you receive the kind of assistance you deserve in this trying period of your life.

Moreover, gaining your confidence and making you feel comfortable with the legal process is one of our most important goals. We accomplish this by having experienced legal counsel and paralegals who are attentive to your needs. We strive for a fast and fair resolution that eases your stress now and in the future. Our attorneys are experienced and aggressive in both settlements through negotiation and in the courtroom.

We look forward to using our experience to help you meet your goals. Ammarell Deasy boasts over 40 years of combined legal experience with the talents of Daniel Deasy, Laura Ammarell, Stacy Williams and Zuhair “Zuzu” Fanash. Come in today and find out what Ammarell Deasy is all about!

Daniel  N. DeasyContact the experienced, knowledgeable divorce attorneys at Ammarell Deasy today to discuss your options. During this stressful period in your life and the lives of your children, you need legal counsel who can help shoulder the burden of stress. Ammarell Deasy has helped countless Coloradans to reach divorce resolutions that put them in the best possible situation to move on with their lives. The attorneys of Ammarell Deasy understand all of the factors that can impact the outcome of your divorce, and they will work hard to protect your rights and the rights of your children. From common divorce issues such as maintenance, division of property, and child support to more unusual issues such as abuse or neglect in the family, Ammarell Deasy can help. For more information, call Ammarell Deasy today at (303) 470-3020 or use the contact form on this website.

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