Colorado Legal Forms

We at Ammarell Deasy, LLP understand that access to justice comes with a price. If you find yourself with limited resources and going through a family law battle on your own, Colorado courts still require that you follow the rules and use the appropriate forms to advance your case.

Understanding that some Coloradans simply want to manage their own legal battles and need just a bit of guidance along the way, Ammarell Deasy, LLP is happy to provide what the Colorado Supreme Court calls “unbundled legal services.” What that means is that Ammarell Deasy can provide many services for you, to include document preparation and review, financial calculations, advice and information on the family law process in which you are involved, and coaching along the way. Such services are defined by you and Ammarell Deasy. As an example, you may have a Child and Family Investigator or Parental Responsibilities Evaluator appointed in your case and need to understand the nature of the work to be performed and how the investigation will proceed. Ammarell Deasy can help you understand that process. You may have moved towards a full resolution and simply need an experienced set of eyes to review final paperwork that is about to define your future. You may need help developing a parenting plan or figuring out if you can move with your two minor children out of state. For most, all of those concepts can be challenging to say the least. To Ammarell Deasy, these concepts are commonplace and issues with which we deal on a daily basis.

When you decide to utilize what some refer to as assistance with “discrete tasks,” you maintain full responsibility for your case. Each session with Ammarell Deasy is concluded and fees are paid for services rendered once concluded. Should you decide to take this approach, you can save real dollars and have the confidences that you have made wise decisions along the way.

We hope these links help you in finding the paperwork you need. Our lawyers are always ready to help you with such paperwork and would be happy make an appointment to discuss your needs. Simply put, Ammarell Deasy can be as involved or uninvolved in your case as you choose.