The most common inquiry when beginning the search for an attorney is, “how much will this cost?” You should be wary of lawyers who claim to know or estimate the cost of complex litigation. The most truthful, yet unsatisfying response is, “it depends.” However, the level of contention is the greatest indicator in determining the cost assessed to a client. The more often you use the law to resolve your conflicts, the more expensive and time consuming your case will become. Litigants who use the law to argue frivolous matters will find themselves with higher attorney fees than those who are able to pick their battles wisely.

What is a Retainer?

Most family law firms, us included, require you to provide a retainer and sign a fee agreement. A retainer is simply an advanced payment that is put into a special account.  As we work on resolving your legal conflicts we will deduct from the retainer.  If your case is resolved with money still remaining in the retainer, then we will refund the remaining amount back to you.  If your case is not resolved with money remaining in the retainer, then we will bill you on a monthly basis for the time put in on your case.  We follow this billing arrangement for all domestic law, criminal law, and mediation/arbitration matters.

What is a Contingency Fee?

If you contact our firm for a personal injury matter, you will not be charged a cent until your case is resolved. This is often referred to as a contingency agreement. A contingency agreement allows you as the injured party to only have to pay us when you receive your net recovery.  Minor criminal defense matters may involve a retainer or a flat fee may be requested.

The bottom line at Ammarell Deasy, LLP is we are cost sensitive and we don’t waste your hard-earned dollars.

We know that the legal process is stressful even without having to worry about expenses. That is why when you schedule your consultation with us we will be happy to discuss any concerns and issues you may have regarding the cost of your legal issues.