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Daniel N. Deasy

Founding Partner

I am now in my 25th year practicing law in the wonderful State of Colorado.  I have spent all of those years in our courtrooms, traveling across the state to fight for clients in family law (divorce and post-divorce), personal injury, and minor criminal defense matters.  While courtroom work is something I love, working toward just resolutions in cases always comes first.  At Ammarell Deasy, we pride ourselves in our ability to fashion resolutions that give our clients control of outcomes – outside of courtrooms.  As for me, there is very little that I have not encountered in the legal world, so if you need help dealing with anything, feel free to track me down to see if I can either give you the full service of our firm or steer you in the right direction.

When seeking legal counsel, “fit” matters. You need to make sure you have comfort and security working with your lawyer. I know that when people need attorneys, the circumstances usually aren’t the best.  At Ammarell Deasy, we work hard to meet your needs and give you timely guidance in challenging times. While we can never guarantee you a result, we can promise to do everything we can to deliver the outcome you seek!

We have dealt with everything from multi-million dollar estates to horribly abusive relationships in the family law arena, and settled more than 50 personal injury cases at the $100,000 mark and above, including several above $500,000.  What we value even more than the “work,” however, are the relationships we build with clients. 

When Laura and I started Ammarell Deasy, we decided that our firm would be different from the places we had left behind – focused on commitments to customer service and superior representation.

When not in the office, I spend a great deal of time teaching. I travel around the nation teaching advocates how to stand up before judges and juries and “do it” the right way for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA).  In the last two years, I have been selected to serve as faculty for the American Bar Association’s Family Law Trial Advocacy Institute in Boulder, Colorado. I have taught at the Colorado District Attorney’s Council, for the Colorado Defense Lawyers’ Association, the Denver City Attorney’s Office, the Colorado County Attorneys Association and for the Colorado Bar Association on multiple occasions.   I think I have lectured on every aspect of courtroom work over the last ten years.  I am also a past President of the Douglas/Elbert Bar Association.

After all of these years, I am humbled to know that my colleagues think I bring something positive to the profession.  Those same colleagues have seen to it that I have received some special recognition from Martindale-Hubbell, NITA and AVVO, as the links on this page will show.  When thinking about those awards, I can’t help but remember what my mom and dad told me many years ago:  “You won’t get any place in this world unless the people you work with want you around.”

Personally, as thrilled as I am to wake up each day and “go to work,” my greatest pride and joy comes with my family.  Without meaning to offend anyone reading, I am married to the single most fantastic woman in the world.  When the angels ask me what I loved most about life, I will point in her direction and say “her.” To boot, we are blessed with the most amazing children. We have athletes and dancers plus a toddler in the mix, so there is not a ton of spare time – and I would not trade any of it for the world!  Of course, there are times when I could do without the two dogs, cat and lizard…

What do others say about founding partner Daniel Deasy:
When a pair of judges were recently asked to evaluate founding partner Daniel Deasy in the areas of legal knowledge, analytical capabilities, judgment, communication ability and legal experience, they offered the following:

Tremendous litigator – able to quickly analyze a case and prepare persuasive arguments. Knows the law extremely well. Has a rare gift of being able to connect with jurors and witnesses in a friendly, non-intimidating way to put them at ease. Incredibly hard worker- will go the extra mile (or ten) to adequately prepare and present his case. Has earned the unqualified trust, respect and admiration of this judicial officer. Highest possible recommendation.

Outstanding trial attorney. Ethics beyond reproach. One of the best litigators I’ve ever seen – persuasive, reasonable and knowledgeable. Would place the highest confidence in him and his abilities. Tremendous grasp of the rules of evidence and procedure. Highest recommendation.

Attorneys in Colorado offer the following comments about Mr. Deasy:

Grade “A”, First Class, Outstanding Lawyer.

Dan is an excellent trial attorney.

Dan is an excellent lawyer who cares deeply about his clients. I have tried cases against him and hold him in the highest regard.

Daniel Deasy has quickly distinguished himself as one of the top Family Law practitioners in the State. I have referred clients to Dan and he has taken great care of them – enhancing his reputation in the process while protecting mine!

While it’s nice to be recognized by colleagues and judges, clients have glowing comments about Daniel Deasy as well:

I began working with Dan more than six years ago in a very, very contentious custody battle. I have to say that, without a doubt, he is the finest courtroom attorney I have ever seen — and I have worked with several. Watching him fight for my girls was unbelievable. For anyone who asks about my experience and needs help, I just say, “you have to hire Dan Deasy.” Dan just gets it. I can’t imagine ever looking elsewhere for help in a custody case.

My entire experience with Mr. Deasy and his office has been amazing. Since my consultation I have felt completely confident that I could not have hired a better attorney. I was continually kept informed of everything involving my case, was prepared for my trial exceptionally well and very satisfied with the results. Mr. Deasy is an amazing attorney that is very knowledgeable and his courtroom demeanor is unsurpassed. He put me at ease with the situation even in the most stressful moments. His staff and fellow attorneys were exceptional as well, every communication I have had with them was handled professionally and promptly.

I hired Dan when I needed help after my father’s death. Dan pursued a wrongful death claim on my behalf and made sure that my sister and I received the best recovery possible. Dan met with us many times to explain the status of our case and held us together through such a difficult time. I have no idea what we would have done without him. I have already sent a couple of friends his way and will never recommend anyone else!

I have worked with Dan since 2009 and he is, simply put, a miracle worker. He understands the needs of his clients and makes sure that everything makes sense along the way. There is nothing he is not prepared to handle in the courtroom. Having looked back at some of the reviews on another website, judges use the words “excellent” and “outstanding” in describing his courtroom skills — they are more than right. I give Dan the highest recommendation possible!

Contact Dan:

If you want to drop Dan a line, feel free to e-mail him at [email protected]