The Colorado Civil Union Act

The Colorado Civil Union Act recently became law, and many same sex couple have taken already taken advantage of the new law to have their committed relationships legally recognized, according to the Denver Post. It is, of course, important for the people who take advantage of this step toward equality for same sex couple to recognize the legal responsibilities that accompany their new found legal rights. Specifically, it is important, when considering entering into a civil union, to recognize that just as many marriages end in divorce, many same sex civil unions will as well. While of course no one will assume that their relationship will fail, it is a good idea to understand what is likely to happen if it does.

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When a civil union ends, the partners can get a divorce just as a married couple would. In fact, the divorce would be very similar. Major considerations include division of assets, custody of children, child support, maintenance, and so on. Not only are these the same considerations as in any other divorce, they are generally treated in the same way. For example, this means that any property that is purchased by either partner belongs to the union, and will be divided between the partners in the event of a divorce. If one partner brings a home or other property into the union, any appreciation in value during the course of the union would also belong to the union. This means that the other partner would be entitled to some portion, likely half, of the increase in value.

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