Patrick N. Hoover

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Patrick N. Hoover


Ammarell Deasy was excited when a friend on the bench told us about Patrick Hoover. He worked in the Douglas County courthouse for some time before joining the firm in 2015. When we asked Patrick to help us tell our clients about his past, he offered a great glimpse!

“After enduring several brutal Midwestern winters while attending law school at Chicago-Kent College of Law, I decided to leave Chicago for the milder weather and plethora of outdoor activities Colorado has to offer.

I had always been interested in working in the area of family law in some capacity, but it wasn’t until a summer internship with a family law judge in Colorado that I knew Colorado and family law were absolutely the right place for me. The reason I find family law so fascinating is the ever evolving nature of the work; no two days or cases are ever the same, and there is always something new to learn. All divorce and custody issues are difficult for everyone involved, and I want to be an advocate for everyone that feels like they need someone on their side to help guide them through this difficult and emotional time in their lives.

I came to Ammarell Deasy in 2015 because a young lawyer couldn’t ask for two better and more experienced mentors than Dan and Laura. I knew that I would be challenged and learn something new about the law and the courtroom every single day from them.

There is a saying at our firm, you will never look at the other attorney in your case and wish your attorney was as well prepared and committed as them because every attorney at Ammarell Deasy will always be the most well prepared and passionate advocate for our clients in any given situation. That level of dedication to each client is what sets this firm apart from others.

Outside the firm, I like to enjoy the natural beauty Colorado has to offer. Most weekends, you can find me hiking or camping somewhere in the state or attending one of the numerous festivals in and around Denver.”

For Patrick, the sky is the limit. Chances are you will see his great work in your case.

If you need to reach Patrick, feel free to drop him a line at: